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Mid-drive assembly process

1. Motor installation

Step 1: the motor shaft sleeve in the direction of the arrow push bike five-tube length of 68mm five-pass pipe, the length of the sleeve is exposed to 11mm, as shown in Figure 1.


Step 2: Install the reinforcing plate. Figure 2
1. the reinforcing plate set in the five-axis
2. two aluminum washers placed between the reinforcing plate and motor home
3. with two socket head cap screws M5 × 16 will strengthen the locking plate and motor home


Step 3: M33.5 nut screwed onto the sleeve axis, with a special tool to tighten the locking force of 40N · m. Figure 3


Step 4: fixing the motor and the frame. Figure 4.
1. M8 * 40 screw connections fixed block and motor home body stud hole preload.
2. with the ball screw M8 * 45 screw holes through the fixing plate fixed on the block with the fixed locking.


Step 5: 40N · m of force tighten M8 * 40 screws (final lock). Figure 5


Step 6: Install cranks. Figure 6.
Install left and right crank with M8 × 14 hexagon screw locking torque is 40N · m.


2. Meter Installation

Step 1: Install the instrument. 7.
With two M4 × 14 hexagon socket head screws and two M4 nuts square meter is fixed at a position shown in
Bracket Specifications: φ32, there are adjustment ring.


The second step, the left-hand operation switches installed. 8.
With two M2.5 × 10 hexagon socket head cap screws at the position illustrated operation switch fixed


The vehicle speed sensor mounting

Step 1: install the sensor
With two ties to the vehicle speed sensor holder fixed to the rear frame flat on the fork;


Step 2: install the magnet housing
Carpenter magnet holder mounted on the rear wheel spokes, and the magnet surface toward the sensor;
The third step: adjust the distance of the magnet surface and the sensor
Rotation sensor so that the distance between the magnet surface of not more than 5mm, then tighten the M4 screws.


4. System Connection

Step 1: the operator and instrument plug-ins inserted;


Step 2: power brake handle on the instrument into the base, the system can not power off the brakes;


Step 3: the instrumentation and motor home plug inserted;


Step 4: the vehicle speed sensor and the motor home plug inserted;


Step 5: Connect the motor home of two power to the battery.


Wiring Diagram


Motor mounting dimensions